Storage Room Clean Out!


We accumulate so much over the years…actually, in just one year we can bury ourselves in stuff we think we want and need by keeping it in the office storage room. We could sure use the space, but there is just nowhere to keep it all. If your company is like a lot of others, there is a room devoted to old electronics that are no longer useful. There is the help.

Blue Star Electronics is the company that will take your donations of old technology. Your spent computers, printers, fax machines, peripherals, wiring, cables, hard drives, and monitors (and more) can be cleared away with just one phone call. Blue Star Company is an honest, trustworthy recycling business that is equipped to help take this technology off your hands. Items may be resold or recycled – constructed into something else that will also be useful.

We encourage those business owners who have unwanted electronics in warehouses, closets, or storage areas to “purge your stash” to make room for newer, upgraded equipment which will give you faster access, newer technology, and peace of mind.

Do not hesitate to call us for a pickup at your business location. If you also need data destruction services, we can help!

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