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It Was A Great Year – 2018!

We, at Blue Star Electronics Recycling, located at 6748 Preston Ave. Suite G, in Livermore, would like to thank our customers for their loyalty in helping to recycle over one million pounds of e-waste in 2018. [...]

Storage Room Clean Out!

We accumulate so much over the years…actually, in just one year we can bury ourselves in stuff we think we want and need by keeping it in the office storage room. We could sure use the space, but there is [...]

Best Platform for the Recycling of Electronic Equipment

In this tech dominating world, the usage of computer and electronic items has been rapidly increasing day by day. However, with the establishment of new computer and electronic devices, the previous ones get [...]

Recycle Your Electronics and Get Easy Solutions for Countering Environmental Damage

Some companies might be shutting down and giving up their systems and IT infrastructure up for donation or reuse. But if your company is keen on removing sensitive information from the hard drive first, then [...]

Sophisticated recycling process to enable a clean environment

There is a visible need to conserve resources and manage cleanliness of the environment. Managing garbage and making sure that you produce less and less of it is a good solution instead of just getting rid of [...]